Microbiome quality standard for cosmetics


MyMicrobiome AG, Liechtenstein


The skin microbiome is an emerging subject in the cosmetics industry. Which claims on the microbiome are scientifically substantiated and which are pure product marketing? Until today, there´s no regulation behind microbiome related claims in cosmetics. MyMicrobiome is the first and only independent control body which tests the influence of cosmetics on the skin microbiome. In this article we´ll summarize the current state of skin microbiome research and the way the cosmetics industry targets this topic. Finally, we´ll give some insights into our testing procedure.

The microbiome is in the center of attention of the cosmetics industry. According to scientific findings, a healthy microbiome is the basis of a healthy human, so the intend of being microbiome-friendly is a positive thing to start with. However, most products do not keep their promises, partly unintended, partly out of pure marketing strategy and cost efficiency. A new-found seal is aiming to clear up the market.


A randomized search in glossy brochures, supermarket shelfs, and beauty blogs reveals that after the big topics of “vegan” and “sustainable”, the new matter of interest is “the microbiome”. Products advertise with being particularly gentle or even supportive for the skin microbiome. 

This caught the attention of Dr. Kristin Neumann, bio-scientist, and Tanja Walbrunn, founders of the information platform www.MyMicrobiome.info: “What the microbiome really needs, is to be left alone”, says founder Dr. Neumann. “Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation going on, right now. And that is such a pity, because the microbiome has every right ...