How to democratize the topic, using consumer language


Black Swan Data, London, United Kingdom


No later than last week, a group of friends and I were, as it regularly happens, discussing our skincare routines, new products and brands. Yes, we all like skincare and like to exchange our latest discoveries. And then, then I mentioned microbiome. Once, twice, no reactions. Until one of them dared to ask – what is that? Indeed, microbiome is still a fairly niche topic, yet unknown from the general public. In this article, we explore microbiome in consumers’ words, associated claims and ingredients as an entry path to educating consumers on their very own skin. Our insights are based on data, Social Data to be precise. 

We use AI to unlock the power of Social Data and accurately predict needs and wants of consumers.

Microbiome. The hot topic of early 2020 has slowed down as the global pandemic has resulted in the search for germ-killing products. Yet, as we realise the protective role of bacteria, this topic is only set to come back stronger. Have you ever wondered how to talk about microbiome to your consumers? We’re about to tell you how.



The microbiome beauty movement is at its very early stage. Featured in a great number of beauty trend articles since the beginning of the year, the relatively new topic within skincare is set to grow.


Yet, amongst consumers, it remains a niche topic. A subject characterized by little understanding and complexity due to its never-ending specificity. Microbiome is determined by the individual, influenced by both intrinsic and external factors. Most often, only those with regular and skincare regimes are likely to have heard about it and will have begun their own research. 


Microbiome and healthy bacteria are topics that have been in the spotlight ...