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Household and Personal Care Today

The biofilm lifestyle of the human skin microbiota

Cutibacterium acnes: paradigm shift for skin health from pathogens to assets in healthy aging and beyond

What are the regulatory challenges regarding microbiome in cosmetics?

Microbiome quality standard for cosmetics – an update

Balancing the skin microbiome: fact or fiction

Update on Skin microbiome: Clinical work to date

New findings on scalp microbiota help tackle scalp conditions – Active ingredient based on research insights promotes a healthy scalp and microbial diversity

Biotechnological approach to mitigate skin exposome – A specific guardian for microbiota care

The science behind the products is not “common knowledge” – Do we have more questions than answers?

How to democratize the topic, using consumer language

Microbiome quality standard for cosmetics

First Cannabis sativa stem cells: Nourishing the skin microbiota

Promoting microbiome homeostasis with natural antimicrobial peptides

Use of protection of alga to skin stressed by exposome

Skin microbiome and formulation of cosmetics with Pro-, Pre-, and Post-biotics ingredients – Definitions and key considerations. Opportunities and challenges for cosmetic formulators and companies

Microbiome, a disruptive innovation by all means: Redefining skin health, skincare strategies and the cosmetic narrative

Entering the Era of ‘Vibrational Cosmetics’ – Connecting the skin-gut-brain axis of the microbiome and the host for achieving rejuvenation

Deodorants for a personalised body care

Pharma Horizon

There are no posts with MICROBIOME topic in this journal... yet.