Navigating Challenges in Pharma Supply Chain: Insights and Strategies


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welcome to this monographic issue focused on Pharma Supply Chain.


In this issue you will find articles dealing with regulation, sustainability and the state of the art of the pharma supply chain.


Antonio Conto, ChemSafe’s founder, discusses the EU’s 2019 Strategic Approach to Pharmaceuticals into the Environment (PIE). PIE targets pharmaceutical substances infiltrating ecosystems beyond patient use via urban wastewater, animal waste, aquaculture, manufacturing effluent, sewage, and improper disposal. PIE aims to reduce risks, boost innovation, bridge knowledge gaps, and ensure safe pharmaceutical access. Pharmaceuticals pose environmental threats due to ecotoxicity, bioaccumulation, persistence, and endocrine disruption, harming aquatic life and indirectly impacting humans. The EU Commission has expanded the Surface Water Watch List, drafted veterinary medicine regulations, and assessed pharmaceutical concentrations in soil. Collaborative efforts within EU health ministries integrate environmental concerns into medication practices, aligning with the One Health approach. International cooperation is essential ...