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Novel process windows Part 1: Boosted micro process technology

*Corresponding author
Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven, 5600 MB, The Netherlands


Novel Process Windows (NPW) is the use of highlyintensified, unusual and typically harsh process conditionsto boost micro process technology and flow chemistryfor the production of high-added value fine chemicals,pharmaceuticals, etc.. It is far from conventional processingand also from “normal” micro processing, and enables“flash chemistry” (1) via kinetic-chemistry means tailoredto the capability of the microreactors, whereas the microprocessing on its own addresses mainly mass and heattransfer and safety issues. In this review, there are two partsintroduced. In Part 1, we would like to give a short reviewon this subject and outline the coming research funded bythe ERC Advanced Grant “Novel Process Windows” of Prof.Dr. Volker Hessel at Eindhoven University of Technology(TU/e) in the Netherlands. In Part 2, the details of the comingresearch in ERC Advanced Grant will be introduced. Thegrant, obtained in the end of 2010 and with a start from April2011, already enabled the formation of a new group andchair at TU/e’s Department of Chemical Engineering andChemistry. This paper is about Part 1.