Testing a cosmetic, a panelist approach considering ethnicity


Dermatologist, Zurko Research

Consumers’ desire for new, better and safer products, delivered by dynamic and responsible companies, is becoming more and more evident. This fact drives the industry need to constantly innovate and be up to the task. Consumer is globally seeking for transparency, veracity and sustainability, and personal care industry is not an exception.


Products require studies endorsing their claims, their efficacy and safety, whether we’re talking about cosmetics. When talking about personal care products, responsibility and value for money are the two sides of the same coin.


As a general guideline, all claims for new or improved products need to be scientifically substantiated by a CRO, in accordance with markets and regulations.


The recruitment of a varied sample of panelists is essential to validate these studies. Generally, large, and very diverse population groups are included, such as people of different ethnic groups, sexes and ages, and therefore different skin types, so that the cosmetic under study is guaranteed to be safe and effective. In addition, the results obtained will have greater applicability and ca ...