Microbes on our Skin

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Global Training and Biophysics Manager , CIDP, BioPark Mauritius, Phoenix, Mauritius

The cosmetic industry is very dynamic and actors within the industry need to continually innovate to have a competitive edge. During the last three to four years we have seen anti-pollution and blue light being the buzz within the cosmetic industry where many products have been launched on the market claiming protection against these stressors. However, even if these two themes are still very much discussed, microbiota has gained much importance in these last two years and has become the hot topic within the cosmetic industry.

Following the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), which was set up in 2008, it has been shown that a normal human being is inhabited by billions of microorganisms. In fact, the amount of these microorganisms greatly outnumbers that of the human cells in the body. Interestingly, we have more “alien” DNA within us coming from these microorganisms than our own DNA…

The human microbiota represents all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi. These live in symbiosis in the human body and are mostly found in the gut, the nasal and oral cavity and on the skin surface. Each human being has its own microbiota diversity which ...