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Oligos track

This past September thousands of people descended upon Milan, Italy for Fashion Week. That same week a group of oligonucleotide and peptide scientists came to Milan for the first International Oligonucleotide and Peptide Conference (IOPC). While the IOPC participants may not have drawn the paparazzi like our Fashion Week counterparts, we did have very productive discussions about therapeutic oligonucleotide and peptide drug development.


TKS, the publisher of Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today, had a bold vision to organize a new conference related to oligonucleotide and peptide drug development. Their goal was to provide an agenda that blended speakers from academia and industry and to give speakers a high value conference in an exciting host city. When the organizers first approached me about this idea, I reacted with skepticism. The oligonucleotide and peptide community already held several major confe ... ...

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