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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

IOPC – The TIDES meeting point between academia and industry

Jetting manufacturing of resins for solid-phase peptide synthesis

Analytical challenges in the characterisation of therapeutic oligonucleotides

Moving beyond preparative reverse phase HPLC for peptide purification

Turning up the heat on peptide purity

Who needs “normal” peptides?

Gaining momentum
Recent developments in oligonucleotide therapeutics

The Structure and Function of Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)

Redefining the peptide therapeutic manufacturing industry in the 21st century (Part 2) – Challenges for the future

Redefining the peptide therapeutics manufacturing industry in the 21st century (Part 1) – Status and outlook in 2016

Chemo-enzymatic peptide synthesis (CEPS) using omniligases and selective peptiligases – Efficient biocatalysts for assembling linear and cyclic peptides and protein conjugates

Preparation of trinucleotide synthons for the synthesis of gene libraries

Targeted delivery of nucleic acids via carbohydrate-protein interactions

Peptide therapeutics market: forecast and analysis 2015-2025

Preparation of trinucleotide synthons for the synthesis of gene libraries

Targeted delivery of nucleic acids via carbohydrate-protein interactions

Peptide therapeutics market:
forecast and analysis 2015-2025


α-Amino acid N-Carboxy Anhydrides in pharmaceutical innovations:try them to capture new value

A vaccine-like administration of PLP-PEG-B7AP and MOG-PEG-B7AP to control EAE in relapse-remission and chronic progressive animal models of multiple sclerosis:
Bifunctional peptide inhibitors as peptide-based therapeutic vaccines

The synthesis of gliflozins

Methionine sulfoxide- and sulfone-containing peptide synthesis: management of a relevant post-translational modification in proteins

Matrix-assisted peptide synthesis on new biocompatible nanoparticles

The expansion of the therapeutic applications of oligonucleotides: drivers and challenges

The expansion of the therapeutic applications of peptides: drivers and challenges

Engineering peptide based biomaterials
Structure, properties and application

A new class of anticancer peptides isolated from azurin

A peptide-based approach to inhibit the translational machinery in tumours

Critical parameters for solid-phase manufacturing of therapeutic peptides

SynB peptide vectors
A new approach to drug delivery

Next-generation peptide microarrays and screening tools

cGMP commercial scale oligonucleotide synthesis
From equipment design concept to system qualification

ARCUT: Artificial Restriction DNA CUTter
A powerful tool for gene targeting of human genome

Peptides that target protein-protein interactions as an anti-parasite strategy

A literature review on Oligonucleotides

Peptide pharmaceuticals: 
modifications to the peptide backbone that enhance stability and targeting

Improving stability of peptide drugs through chemical modifications

The brave new world of SOMA 
The many applications of the Single Oligonucleotide Mutagenesis and cloning Approach

DNA aptamer to human lung adenocarcinoma shows antitumor effect

Self-assembled peptide-polymer conjugates as vaccines

Nucleoside amidites as building-blocks for synthesis of therapeutic oligonucleotides: a mini-review

Delivery of antisense oligonucleotides to cells: a consideration of some of the barriers

Scavenger receptors in the cellular uptake of nucleic acids

Is your CMO ready for inspections?

Click chemistry in peptide science: a mini-review Synthesis of clickable peptides and applications

Self-assembled monolayers formed by conformationally constrained oligopeptides A new tool for bioinspired nanotechnology

Scavenger receptors in the cellular uptake of nucleic acids

Bicyclo[6.1.0]nonyne Phoshoramidites for Metal-Free Conjugation of Oligonucleotides

Vectorization of splice-correcting oligonucleotides with cell-penetrating peptides

Polymers for siRNA Delivery Combining precision with multifunctionality

Peptide-based nanoparticles for delivery of siRNA : “Raspberry Flavor”

Carbohydrate recognition Peptide-based biomimetic receptors

Detergents in the purification, stabilization, and refolding of membrane proteins

Microwave heating in solid-phase peptide synthesis Rise of the robots

Peptide chemistry revolution

Characterisation of proteins and protein complexes by ion mobility-mass spectrometry

Smart molecules for biosensing clinical samples

CIS display, a DNA-based in vitro selection technology for therapeutic peptides

Development and therapeutic applications of oligonucleotides and peptides

Measuring globular protein stability

Solid phase synthesis of Carbon-14 labelled oligonucleotides

1st Belgian peptide group meeting – Brussels, 9-10 February 2012

Synthesis of modified RNA for structure-function studies

Quality aspects to be considered in oligonucleotide manufacturing

The role of davunetide in neuroprotection and microtubule stabilization

Increasing globular protein stability

Microwave technology for solid phase peptide synthesis – It’s not just for difficult peptides

Bachem: 40 years of leadership in peptide chemistry

Efficient non-microwave heating method for solid-phase peptide synthesis

Diselenides as proxies of disulfides in cystine-rich peptides

Recent developments in applications of cell-penetrating peptides – Uptake mechanisms and oligonucleotide delivery

Progress in peptide therapeutics

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