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SynB peptide vectors
A new approach to drug delivery


Biological membranes normally r e s t r i c t t h e p a s s a g e o f hydrophilic molecules. To overcome this problem, various strategies have been developed to enhance the uptake of these molecules. A very effective class of transporters harnessed for this purpose are cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) and SynB vectors, a group of short cationic sequences with a remarkable capacity for membrane translocation. Since their discovery in late 80’s, these peptide vectors have been employed for the cell delivery of a wide variety of cargoes including small molecules, peptide, nucleic acids, and proteins. An even more difficult task for these peptide vectors is to deliver their cargoes across the blood-brain barrier, a complex biological interface that prevents transport of most drugs into the brain. This review illustrates the diverse applications for which these peptide vectors have been harnessed, with a focus on SynB vectors.


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