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Towards more sustainable diets


EUFIC – European Food Information Council, Brussels, Belgium

Over 9 billion people are foreseen on Earth by 2050. With an increasing population comes a growing demand for food (1). In addition, many of us, especially in wealthy regions, consume more food than we need, and our diets are rich in animal-based products, a combination that has major negative impacts on the environment (2, 3). To be able to provide enough food for future generations, while minimising our environmental impact, we must switch to more sustainable food production and change our dietary patterns (1).

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) defines sustainable diets as having a low environmental impact, while meeting current nutritional guidelines, all while remaining affordable, accessible and culturally acceptable (4). But what changes do we need to make to achieve this vision?


The current food production system is recognised as one of the main causes of environmental damage, including climate change and the loss of natural resources (5). Agriculture alone is responsible for up to 30% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs), and 70% of ...

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