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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

Green chemistry and climate change

New enabling chiral crystallization technologies – Transformation of racemates into pure enantiomers

An overview of modern, sustainably designed LPPS strategies

Sustainability is more than CO2 neutrality and reaching Paris Agreement targets – How can the chemical industry act as a leader and benefit from a truly sustainable world

Structure-dependent microkinetic modeling: towards the nano-engineering of heterogeneous catalytic processes The ERC-SHAPE project is paving the way towards the engineering of the chemical transformation at the molecular level

Battery printing: a thrilling opportunity paving the way for shape-conformable, flexible and miniaturized energy storage

Recent advances in transition-metal-catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloaddition in aqueous phase

Sponge-like ionic liquids for developing green chemical processes

Lessenergy-intensive alternative separations:creating a roadmap to accelerate industrial adoption

Pharmaceutical innovation and greener chemistry: Celebrating 20 years of impact

Greener chemistry for sustainable agriculture: biopesticides

Sustainable synthesis of secondary amines
Direct reductive amination or hydrogen borrowing over heterogeneous Cu catalysts

Green or sustainable chemistry or both?

Structure and properties of highly selective and active Advanced Ion Exchange (AIX) materials.
Enabling and expanding sustainable metal recovery

Green Chemistry Metrics

HPPO Process Technology
A novel route to propylene oxide without coproducts

Ionic Liquids and nanoparticles-a successful symbiosis of highly innovative materials-

Bio-based building blocks, case study of a large-scale manufacturing process

Contribution of Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether (CPME) to Green Chemistry

Optimizing Fe-Based Catalysis in Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation Reactions for Future Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbons from Seawater

Footprint quantification in the route scouting phase of projects – Guesstimating the energy component of the footprint

The environmental issue on CFCs in the optimization of the Italian system for WEEE recycling

New sorption enhanced reaction technologies (SMBR and PermSMBR) for the production of diesel blends and green solvents

Ionic liquids Toxic or not?

α,ω-dialkoxyfluoropolyethers: a promising class of hydrofluoroether (HFE)

Coal to gas and end of cycle technologies gain traction Green chemistry 2012 year in review

Ionic liquids Toxic or not?

The testing approach for the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of Pharmaceuticals

Market driven biobased chemicals

The ACS Green Chemistry Institute® Industry Roundtables

Using sustainability principles to guide investment decisions

Biocatalysis – A solution to prevent resource dissipation and environmental pollution

Low and high density polyethylene waste plastics conversion into liquid hydrocarbon fuel

Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech

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Household and Personal Care Today

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Pharma Horizon

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