Novabion – Nabion™, an effective, sustainable builder for automatic dishwashing detergents

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The introduction of the European Commission Regulation to limit the use of phosphorous compounds in automatic dishwasher detergents (ADDs) by 2017 has resulted in the development of new builders. These must be as effective as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), even at lower temperatures and with shorter washing cycles. Owing to new consumption trends, they also must be safer for end-users and the environment. Our NabionTM 15 and NabionTM 26 builders constitute effective solutions.

NabionTM, an All-in-one, Eco-friendly Builder

NabionTM is a fully water-soluble mineral powder composed of white granules made from sodium carbonate and sodium silicate. It is produced through a patented process and complies with the Ecocert standard for eco-detergents.

In an ADD, ...