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Sensient Cosmetic Technologies: A long history of innovation in the field of colors and cosmetic ingredients.


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Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is mainly resulting from the merge of leading companies in cosmetic colors: Warner Jenkinson, LCW, Williams and Cardre. They have over 60 years of experience in this area. The company has always focused on dyes and pigments in compliance with global regulations: EU Cosmetic Directive, U.S. FDA, Japan and China (Unicert dyes and Unipure LC pigments). The main concern and objective have been to constantly push the boundaries of purity: the iron oxides from range Unipure LC HP have the lowest heavy metals levels in the market.
Innovation has always played an important role in the group’s strategy: surface treatment technology has been developed significantly in recent years. The company has launched new fluorinated treatments, FHP (PFOA-free for the envir ...