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Umicore Manufacturing Precious Metal based catalysts and APIs…and more!


One could see the successful manufacturing of PreciousMetal based catalysts as having the right assets:organometallic chemistry know-how, an up to dateproduction facility and a flexible packaging unit for small to largequantity packing…We see that more as an art: the art of manufacturing the exactproducts our customers need at the right level of quality andof answering all their related questions. Shall we review someof these questions? Let us start with a question the Process R&DScientist regularly asks himself at the beginning of a new project.Where to source a comprehensive selection of catalysts,allowing to screen and select the best ones in the set of catalyticreactions my project involves?To offer such a selection, we have organized not only ourproducts, but also our marketing and sales, R&D and productionteams according to strategic technology platforms. Four of themare dedicated to the life science: chiral catalysts, cross-couplingcatalysts, metathesis catalysts and metal based APIs.This organization also allows us to be consistently innovative.For instance, through recently signed license agreement withthe Japan Science and Technology Agency our customersare g ...