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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech

The evolving regulatory framework for alternative protein sources

Application of plant proteins in our diets

The revival of lupin Outcomes of the XIV International Lupin Conference

Lupin allergy: Is it really a cause for concern?

Lupin allergy:
Is it really a cause for concern?

The revival of lupin
Outcomes of the XIV International Lupin Conference

Updating lupin seed protein research and development
Opportunities to give a boost to a wealthy food protein source for human nutrition

Prediction of dough properties based on storage-protein composition

The role of L-arginine in human pregnancy

Functional and nutritional ingredients from our own farmers’ milk

Beneficial actions of fi sh protein in cardiovascular diseases

Potential application of canola proteins in food manufacture A functionality overview

Soy protein lowers cholesterol without increasing bile acid excretion in subjects with moderate hypercholesterolemia

Soy protein exploring health benefi ts

The role of dietary protein in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis

Dietary proteins for muscle recovery

Stay fi t, go green! Release the potential of vegetable protein in sports nutrition

Mushroom proteins Potential therapeutic agents

Another side of flaxseed proteins and peptides

Eggcelerate your brain!

Pulses A novel protein source

Nutraceutical properties of lupin seed proteins A great potential still waiting for full exploitation

Folate and their health benefits

Folate: Sources, Production and Bioavailability

The magic of milk-based components

Innate function of Vitamin E

Omega-3 fatty acids – An update emphasizing clinical use

An overview on antioxidant supplements – The current situation from a scientific point of view

Achieving micronutrient adequacy in population groups at risk

From Supplements to Active Nutrition – Crossing the bridge from sports nutrition & weight management supplements to tasty active foods

 Antimicrobial activity of Origanum heracleoticum L. essential oil from Serbia

Examining the nutritional needs of children & adolescents – Dairy protein and body composition

A new health promoting function of lactoferrin – Visceral fat reduction by enteric-coated bovine lactoferrin

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