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SynBalance Srl Wins Two NutraIngredients Awards

They were impressed by the fact that it is backed by three clinical trials published in excellent journals, to back its anti-acne and anti-inflammatory effects and describing the mechanism of action. The judges also acknowledged that the product has a strong relevance to the market with clear consumer demand and strong commercial success.[…]

TEKNIFLEX – At ACHEMA, TekniPlex Healthcare to Demonstrate Automatic Filler-Sealer for Single-Dose Plastic Vials

of more sustainable blister packaging solutions, all suitable for running on standard blister packaging machines. Most recently, the company introduced a pharma-grade blister film with 30% post- consumer recycled content (PCR) on a mass balance basis. The solution incorporates partner company Alpek Polyester’s Octal rDPET™ Sheet technology and, when combined with TekniPlex’s Teknilid® Push polyester[…]

Cash in on your hard work: dos and don’ts when selling your chemical business

on size, industry, quality of earnings, growth, and current economic/market factors, multiples can range from an average of 10.5x for a specialty chemical manufacturer to 16x for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.   Keep in mind that these are just averages. Buyers will adjust their offer based on their assessment of the strength of the[…]


Codes that give each product package a Unique Digital Identity Travagliato, 7 May 2024 – Quality, transparency, information are the cornerstones that reflect the needs of Italian consumer s and therefore of manufacturers, who are expected to respond with a targeted approach to achieve innovation and traceability. In this context, Antares Vision Group – Italian[…]

CARGILL – Your specialized nutrition partner across life stages

sports and active lifestyle nutrition, medical nutrition or general dietary supplements, Cargill can help. The company can offer expertise as well as ingredients, helping you to support consumers in living healthier, longer and happier lives. With this in mind, its theme at Vitafoods Europe 2024 (May 14-16, Geneva) is ‘Nourishing across life stages’. At[…]

Intertek Launches Pioneering Digital Platform iCare in India

lab samples, thus removing communication barriers and improving the efficiency at which companies deliver their products to market.   Driven by increasing regulatory scrutiny and heightened end- consumerexpectations, customers in the fashion and textile industries are increasingly seeking systemic, data-driven, end-to-end Total Quality Assurance solutions that enhance transparency and traceability, throughout the lab sample[…]

Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives – Cosmetic Claims & The Consumer Second Edition

“The average consumer is someone reasonably well-informed, observant and circumspect — no one is expected to protect fools from the consequence of their folly”  EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009   It’s here! The long-awaited Second Edition of: Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives – Cosmetic Claims & The Consumer. Dive into the world of cosmetic claims with[…]

HELIOSCREEN – Change of identity – HelioScreen becomes WENEOS

comes from the fusion of words that characterize us: “WE” for team spirit and our common goal of guaranteeing reliable and authentic sun protection to the consumer. “NEO”, of Greek origin, meaning “New”, to highlight our significant innovations in improving evaluation methods. “EOS”, goddess of dawn and sister of Helios, symbolizing[…]

CLARIANT – Clariant completed acquisition of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

provider for high value personal care brands.” “I see the acquisition of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics as a significant step forward for Care Chemicals. Customers as well as consumer s increasingly demand high value natural ingredients,” said Christian Vang, President of the Clariant Business Unit Care Chemicals and the Americas region. “I extend a warm welcome[…]

LUBRIZOL – Lubrizol Life Science Beauty Announces Participation at in-cosmetics® Global, April 16-18 in Pari

to be seen with this technology. Visitors can also have an in-booth home sweet home customer experience with BeautyPersonas Next Gen concept crafted to empower consumer choices in beauty and help brands target their needs. This vision of the next beauty consumer profiles is brought to life in a new collection[…]

CLR – Decoding the skin-mind connection with AnnonaSense CLR™

CLR™ (INI: Annona Cherimola Fruit Extract) show it is the first cosmetic active ingredient with real clinical proof for positively influencing the entire skin-brain feedback loop.   For consumers the need for stress relief and relaxation is high. Skin and mind are closely connected. If our skin is in balance, we feel good in our[…]

Decoding industry myths: in-cosmetics Global sheds light on ingredient-led beauty

stems from the misinterpretation (and miscommunication) of research findings, where fragranced skincare products were identified as common causes of skin reactions. While this doesn’t apply universally, many consumer s have embraced it as truth. Yann Chilvers, Co-Founder at Covalo, emphasises, “For brands, removing fragrances without having a concrete reason would be to neglect the role[…]

Micro Powders Debuts New Enhanced Talc Replacement and Natural Exfoliant at in-cosmetics® Global

look with luxurious PMMA-like aesthetics. Studies prove it provides superior soft focus performance over PMMA and polyethylene products. In a blind test of 15 participants to gauge consumer preference in a pressed powder containing Naturecel 793 vs. talc, 100% said they preferred the feel of Naturecel 793 over talc. Another new ingredient that will be[…]

Newest agreement brings Grace’s total licensed capacity to nearly 2.5M tons worldwide in single year

with five polypropylene manufacturers, worldwide. Fully recyclable, the high-performance polypropylene resins produced using UNIPOL® PP process technology are ubiquitous and can be found in automotive parts, packaging, and consumer goods. For more information visit UNIPOL® PP technology.   About Grace Built on talent, technology, and trust, Grace, a Standard Industries[…]

Next step, Augmented Reality. How could this technology impact healthcare and pharma packaging manufacturing?

patients can receive interactive instructions on how to take the medication correctly, including proper dosing and appropriate storage methods.   Moreover, AR could be used to provide consumer s a further verification about product authenticity, ensuring they are not counterfeit, thereby increasing patient safety, and improving therapy adherence through notifications, tracking progress and offering incentives[…]


COSMOPACK AWARDS CATEGORIE E NOME DEL PRODOTTO Hair care Formula Art Cosmetics srl (IT) – Pav. 15 – Booth A14-B9 – Unstoppable Brow & Hair Wax Colep Consumer Products (PT) – Pav. 18 – Booth C38-D37 – Active Spirit No-Wash Hair Refresher; Dry Shampoo Lotion-to-Powder Intercos Group (IT) – Pav. 15 – Booth C10-D9 -[…]

Panel discussion on AI IN PHARMA SUPPLY CHAIN

professionals to focus on complex tasks.   With recall management, automated record-keeping ensures comprehensive documentation of manufacturing processes, essential for tracing issues to their source and ensuring consumer safety. Additionally, AI systems can learn from each data batch, improving their accuracy and efficiency and enabling proactive quality management.   Which industry is ahead in terms[…]

Decoding the skin-mind connection with AnnonaSense CLR™

For consumers the need for stress relief and relaxation is high. Skin and mind are closely connected. If our skin is in balance, we feel good in our skin in the truest sense of the word.   The way we feel, emotionally, has great impact on virtually all biological processes in our body. When[…]

New Vice President at Mibelle Biochemistry USA

Biochemistry. “ I am very excited to join Mibelle Biochemistry for multiple reasons. Firstly, I feel Mibelle Biochemistry has large growth potential in the US as the consumer is looking for more high-performance skin care, associating nature and technology. Mibelle is well positioned to meet these higher consumer expectations. I have heard only the best[…]

Hazardous chemicals found in many consumer products

An EU-wide enforcement project of the ECHA Forum found excessive levels of hazardous chemicals, such as lead and phthalates, in products that are sold to consumers. In total 18 % of the inspected products breached the EU laws. Helsinki, 13 December 2023 – The national enforcement authorities in 26 EU countries checked over 2 400[…]

Hazardous chemicals found in many consumer products

  Helsinki, 13 December 2023 – The national enforcement authorities in 26 EU countries checked over 2 400 products, most of them intended for consumers, and found more than 400 of them breaching the EU’s chemicals laws. The most common product types breaching the laws were: Electrical devices such as[…]

New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Announces 2024 Executive Board

City. Starting January 1, 2024 the NYSCC Executive Board will be: Amber O. Evans, Chair Stacey House, Advisor Senior Vice President, Consumer Beauty, R&D, COTY Inc. Alex Blakeman, Treasurer Senior Director of Technologies, Superior Materials Inc. Diane Dabkowski, Treasurer-Elect Senior Manager of R&D Technical Services Organization, Avon (member of Natura[…]

Vidya Europe, the French subsidiary of the international Vidya Herbs group, has inaugurated a new industrial unit using eco-friendly supercritical CO2 technology.

its position by mastering green technologies.   Towards more natural and sustainable products Strong trends in health, well-being and healthier, more sustainable food are increasingly reflected in consumer behaviour. Initially confined to the Nutraceuticals sector, where products concentrated in active ingredients reinforce, compensate for and enrich the diet, this need for more natural, nature-friendly products[…]


just confined to skin. Naticol®’s holistic benefits also confer to joint, bone, muscle and gut comfort.   The efficacy of Naticol® is proven by clinical studies and consumer panels. Naticol®’s unique organoleptic properties and high solubility allow you to imagine a multitude of innovations: let’s test the products on booth K2621!    Featured Companies Weishardt[…]


prendersi cura di sé, contribuisce a farci stare bene con noi stessi e con gli altri, oltre ad avere un’importante ricaduta sulla propria autostima. Secondo lo European Consumer Perception Study 2022, commissionato da Cosmetics Europe (associazione europea delle industrie cosmetiche), il 70% dei consumatori europei considera i cosmetici importanti – o molto importanti – per[…]

Classic hygiene weaknesses in the production of cosmetics

in production facilities is crucial to bringing safe cosmetic products to market.   Cosmetics must be free of potential contaminants that could affect the health of the consumer . To ensure this, it is essential to avoid the classic hygiene errors and eliminate weak points in production.   In this article, we will explain which[…]

An end to Greenwashing in the EU?

an important part in enabling buyers to make more sustainable decisions and reduces the risk of greenwashing.” The consequences of lack of appropriate information include loss of consumer welfare, negative environmental impacts resulting from misinformed choices, and harm to single market by affecting fair competition across the Union. Indeed, during a 2020 inventory on environmental[…]

Odour control efficacy of a carpet cleaning home care product

arise from multiple and complex processes (1). Laundering is not always possible, or effective at removing such odours, which can build up over time and cause significant consumer dissatisfaction. A wide range of domestic cleaning products are available that attempt to remove this malodour problem. Such products are designed for very specific applications, among which[…]

Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) shapes the future of the chemicals and materials sector – From international brands to leading chemical and bioeconomy companies to innovative start-ups for CO2 utilisation, companies are collaborating to guide a smart transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon

fossil carbon. This is a fundamental game-changer, which inherits the potential for significant impact on climate protection since most of the embedded carbon in global commodities and consumer goods finds its way into the atmosphere.   Michael Carus, founder and executive manager of RCI, focuses on the policies that will make the change possible: “It[…]

Microplastics: a perspective on the regulatory landscape for the cleaning products industry

cosmetics, wastewater treatment, etc. that will eventually also affect the cleaning products sector directly or indirectly. Innovation by the industry in developing solutions that enable the same consumer experience while still complying with the regulatory framework is really the key balancing act. This innovation and implementation cycle needs to be based on the thorough understanding[…]

Modification of triglycerides

are generally improved with addition of liquid esters, either alone or in mixtures of solid and liquid. Rheology is key to acceptability of a formulation by the consumer . The most functional cosmetic product that is not aesthetically appealing will not succeed. Figures 4 and 5 address the “two quests” we have with developing products[…]

Destination: beauty inspiration

well-being and the key importance of textures, essential for the whole caring experience.   BEAUTY AFFAIR The influence of Generation Z is everywhere, and in personal care consumers search for vibrant and positive experiences and communications, as this generation prioritises fun, authentic advertisement and tik-tokable textures.   The approach to skin issues has to[…]

To formulate with silicones or not? An eternal question

and household essentials like fabric softeners.   In recent times, however, silicones have found themselves at the centre of a growing controversy within the personal care industry. Consumer s, now more interested than ever in seeking detailed information about the products they use and their constituent ingredients, are frequently bombarded with misconceptions, rumours, and myths.[…]

Hair loss claims – consumers and a borderline dilemma

Often, as in the case of oral supplements for so-called hair loss/growth, legislation from cosmetics, medicines, and foods has to be taken into consideration. Negative self-perception by consumer s is also difficult to address cosmetically. Moreover, it is made harder since each product is assessed individually on a case-to-case basis, so this could potentially make[…]

Postbiotics, just a trend or more than that?

the cosmetics industry, especially the skincare industry. This trend has become especially visible since 2020. This is possibly not coincidentally related to the COVID19 pandemic, a larger consumer focus on “health” and the consumer associating “postbiotics” and related ingredients with “health.”   Different definitions of “postbiotics” An important source of definitions for pre-, pro- and[…]

The powerful role of texture in cosmetic formulation

different from all the other products on the market. The problem is made harder because we all have access to almost the same set of chemicals and consumer s are not very good at noticing subtle differences. This is why factors not controlled by the chemist such as packaging, branding and price are often more[…]

Sustainable active ingredients produced by biotechnology

higher costs and development times (4), but which represents the only way to meet the global challenges and needs of the cosmetics industry as well as end consumer s. The key to meeting these new and ever-growing challenges is innovation based on active ingredients derived from plants and produced using state-of-the-art biotechnology. Active ingredients from[…]

A texture revolution – Sensory secrets and consumer delight

to the senses and creating products with innovative textures has added importance. A unique and innovative texture helps a product stand out as a clear choice to consumer s, helping them avoid the paradox of choice.   The texture or feel of a product, referred to as haptics, communicates information about the physical formulation properties[…]

Sustainability and cosmetics industry: A pledge for scientific and holistic approaches

a significant impact.   This holistic approach implies profound transformation of our activity but embracing it provides fantastic opportunity to innovate and bring new benefits to our consumers. Our sustainable ambition implies a complete revolution across every stage of our value chain, from sourcing raw materials to the end-of-life of our products, including how[…]


Pores are everywhere The millions of pores in our skin are very important to us, but a growing number of consumers feel that the visibility of their pores makes them look less attractive. They find their pores too conspicuous. In the past, astringent ingredients were widely used, but these do not present a fundamental[…]